You can try to protect yourself by washing your hands regularly

So these people have high levels of trimethylamine throughout their body. These molecules get picked up by the blood stream, travel into the lungs, jump into the airstream, and finally come out through the mouth giving these poor unfortunates the persistent odour of rotting fish. The trimethylamine also comes out in the sweat and the urine (hence the name, trimethylaminuria).

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Fake Designer Bags Unplug Appliances that are left in can contribute up to 10 percent of your monthly electric bill. This is because most appliances use what is called standby power or vampire power when plugged in and not in use. Standby power is used to make appliances start up faster. Get daily updates directly to your inbox SubscribeThank you for subscribing!One strain of influenza, known as H3N2, and sparked particular concern and become known as “Aussie flu” as Australia suffered a severe outbreak late last year.The Flusurvey map, created by Public Health England and others, reveals some areas on Merseyside are now flu hotspots.It shows most of the St Helens borough, Runcorn, Widnes and Warrington all currently have “very high” levels of flu.Flu is also circulating in Liverpool, Wirral and Sefton, and the Royal hospital has reported rising numbers of patients with the virus.This Flusurvey map fake bags by Public Health England and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine shows reported levels of flu like illnesses, with blue areas showing no cases and red areas very high levelsHealth chiefs were forced to cancel many non urgent operations this month partly as a result of the high number of patients suffering flu, including the H3N2 strain.Local hospitals are now urging the public not to attend or visit them unless they have significant underlying health problems, their symptoms are extremely serious or it lasts more than a week.Aussie flu arrives in the UK here are the symptoms to watch out forThey have advised patients to take painkillers, rest and drink lots of water, as the symptoms will usually pass on their own.Symptoms of flu, including the “Aussie” strain, include fever, aches, exhaustion, a dry chesty cough, headaches, sore throats, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting and trouble sleeping.You can try to protect yourself by washing your hands regularly, covering your mouth or nose when coughing or sneezing and cleaning surfaces that may be infected.Inside the A crisis: patients and doctors on what it’s really like as pressure mounts on our NHSThe flu vaccine is also the best protection we have, with the jab free for adults at risk, over 65 or pregnant and for young children.Some people fear having the vaccine, but NHS experts say serious side effects are rare.Patients are advised to seek help if necessary from the NHS Choices website, a pharmacist or the NHS 111 helpline.Dr Paul Fitzsimmons, consultant gerontologist at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, said: “The flu or Norovirus are pretty nasty and can make people feel very ill. However, most people do not need hospital care for these illnesses.”Emergency departments are very busy at this time of year and those attending with minor illnesses will wait. This is so we can look after patients with serious or life threatening conditions.Aussie flu: ECHO readers share their flu experiences as illness hits the UK”Spreading germs can also put other people at risk. Fake Designer Bags

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